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50 shades of my heART - Art Exhibition

50 shades of my heART - Art Exhibition

Friday 11th September - Sunday 4th October 7:00 - 6:00pm

At The World Theatre 82 - 90 Mosman Street, Charters Towers Qld 4820

Cost: Free

The World Theatre

07 4761 5430

 50 shades of my heART

I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday with an art exhibition. Invited guests include family, friends and supporters of my art, from right across the community and from many walks of life. Many of these people are those who have followed my art, since it was realised that I could paint, 19 years ago. I am so blessed to reveal, that these people are still with me today.

I am inspired by life and I just paint what I am fascinated about at the time. I think about subject matter and then the inspiration will hit me. That is when I feel compelled to commit a painting to canvas. The whole process is very layered. It takes at least 4 or 5 layers for me to complete a piece.
Usually it takes a few weeks. I work slowly and deliberately to create a painting. I focus on one painting at a time. I know of artists who have several pieces going at once. To me, that isn’t art. How can you absorb a story if you aren’t focusing solely on that one piece before you?
Art is about enjoyment and self discovery for me. It is an extension and an expression of who I am. Each painting has its own story and they will never appear without one. My art is unique and I am so proud of the way each and every one of my pieces has turned out.
If I don’t feel right about it or if I don’t like it, you will never see it. My desire is to keep painting and to keep sharing stories that come from these artworks. I want to have conversations with people about art.

To make them think and to share with them what I see through my own eyes and through my own heart. To inspire people and to make them want to create their own art, in their own unique style. I am very fortunate to be able to share with others what it is that I do.
I never ever thought my art would be so well received in Australia but it has. My art has also sold in places such as the USA, Canada, Japan, England, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand.

I work on my own in my art studio most days but then there are exhibitions and openings where I am able to speak freely about my life as an artist. This exhibition is about who I am as a Gudjala woman and the “50 shades of my heART” that I share with you.
This art exhibition is about my life and embracing the joy of turning 50.
Tania Ault
Dillinga “Silver Brolga”

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