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“Towers Hill in WWII” is a free Augmented Reality app that brings alive the rich wartime history of Charters Towers!


It may have been more than 1,200 kilometres from the frontlines in New Guinea, but World War II made a huge impression on Charters Towers. This famous gold mining town saw huge concentrations of troops from both Australia and its allies during World War II.

Soon after Japan entered the war in 1941 by bombing Pearl Harbor, North Queensland became the effective last line of defence in protecting Australia from invasion. As US and Australian forces battled the Japanese in the Pacific, Charters Towers became one of the largest staging posts for troops in the region. The US Army's Fifth Air Force stationed several squadrons near the town.

You can download and install the free “Towers Hill in WWII” app by searching the Apple App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices) on an Augmented Reality capable phone or tablet.

Point your device’s camera at any “Towers Hill in WWII” sign when you visit the Interactive Bunkers on Towers Hill location to choose an augmented reality experience:

Explore strategy maps of the Battle of the Bismarck Sea and Charters Towers Airfield.
Examine a Mitchell B-25 Bomber and its armaments.
Walk into a life-size munitions bunker.
Become a war hero in a WWII recruitment poster, in a unique AR photo opportunity.
Find out why a famous historical landmark had to be demolished.
Experience a life-size bomber squadron fly-over.

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