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Memorable & Unique! To view the magnificent herd of Texas Longhorns, Texas Longhorn Tours features one of the last horse drawn wagon ride experiences in Australia as well as the original Texas Longhorn Safari. These cattle are without doubt, the most famous and iconic breed of cattle in history. See some of the longest horned cattle in the world that are direct descendants of the millions of Texas Longhorns that walked in the great trail herds from Texas in the late 1800s! Book online at www.texaslonghorn.com.au


Typically operating from early May until October each year and offering two experiences – horse drawn Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour and the Texas Longhorn Safari, this is one of the most unique attractions in Australia.

Situated on Leahton Park - a lovely family owned property just 10km from Charters Towers, this is a 'must do' when visiting the area.

The Texas Longhorn viewing tours are super comfortable and utilize either the easy access fully automatic all-terrain Polaris Rangers or a horse drawn wagon that was purpose built at Leahton Park. See for yourself how magnificent these huge horned animals are up close. Many steers have horns spanning more than 100 inches tip-to-tip.

The full experience also includes a traditional Aussie smoko of Aussie Billy Tea or Campfire Cowboy Coffee and other home-cooked delicacies. The Chuck Wagon Smoko is served from a fully outfitted, exact replica ‘Made in Texas’ 1866 chuck wagon. Enjoy the ‘History of the Texas Longhorns’ video presentation filmed on location at Leahton Park.

You will also get to see an exact replica 1880's Texas trail herd saddle made on the property in the Bethel Saddlery custom saddle shop. This saddle is on display at the JR Gallery of Horns where you will not only get to see a collection of beautifully polished horns and other great things but the one and only world famous Guinness World Record steer JR who’s horns exceeded ten feet four inches (3.15m) at his passing in 2020. Another not to be missed part of the experience is the tour of the 'Longhorn Love Shack' where you will see the facilities used to handle the huge horned Texas Longhorn cattle.

You have all heard that "Everything is bigger in Texas" so get yourself to Texas Longhorn Tours and you will see that sometimes "Things are BIGGER in Queensland".

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