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Pentland Art Gallery & CafePentland was established in the mid-1850s, becoming a critical rail and communication junction in this period.  The discovery of gold, followed by the rise of the timber and cattle industries, assisted in maintaining the township’s early thriving position.  Heading west from Charters Towers you will travel through the small townships of Balfes Creek and Homestead before you reach Pentland, located on the Overlander’s Way, just 107kms west of Charters Towers and 140kms east of Hughenden.  Today, the small town, with an estimated population of 250, offers many historical and natural attractions.  Fast becoming known for resident artists and storytellers, we highly recommend you take the time to enjoy a cuppa as you wander the art galleries.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the historic railway station and Norwood Lockup then venture out of town to the beautiful Burra Range Lookout overlooking the amazing and largely unexplored pristine wilderness of White Mountains National Park with a plethora of flora and fauna for the enthusiasts to explore.  If heading off the beaten track interests you, there are established drive trails that will take you to see the various waterways and birdlife around the area.  After all that exploring, grab a bite to eat before pulling up stumps for the night.  The township offers facilities you’ll need when travelling including food, beverages of all kinds (it is Australia!), a well appointed caravan park and a great laidback atmosphere. Time your visit so you can try your luck at the horse races and enjoy the friendly and special atmosphere of an authentic Queensland country race meeting.