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If you’re considering operating a business or investing in industry, Charters Towers wants to do business with you!


TownThe Charters Towers region provides a unique geographical location and a solid core economy and community that supports growth, encouraging all sizes of business and industry investment. 

The future growth of our region is framed by six key themes:

  • Retaining existing and attracting new skilled labour
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Business and innovation
  • Maintaining a unique lifestyle/liveability of the region
  • Regional leadership and decision making
  • Regional investment attraction

P1016155Charters Towers’ Economic Development Plan (View Plan here) provides a framework of dynamic economic, business and community growth for the region. The Plan reflects Charters Towers Regional Council’s determination to consistently work to ensure opportunities for the region and its investors are given every encouragement and support possible.

Whether you are a sole trader looking to relocate your family to a rural setting and quality lifestyle, or a multi-national corporation seeking investment opportunities that provide tangible and multiple benefits in the short and long term, we’d like to speak with you.

To assist you with the information you’ll need to know about the region, contact Council’s Economic Development and Planning Officer as your first step. We’ll provide you with the information you require to assist and to facilitate your transition into making Charters Towers the right location for your next investment opportunity.

To find more on Economic Development in Charters Towers and contact details for the Charters Towers Regional Council’s Economic Development and Planning Officer, try the following links.